SubversiveBox: Your own Dropbox for Subversion

January 19th, 2011 § 0 comments

Dropbox is a great service for using a file repository without the usual hassle of committing and updating (and actually knowing far too much about computers) and they even give you 2GB for free. But understandably, more space costs (the smallest upgrade is currently 10$ for 50GB).

I’m not in the mood for paying when my university gives me a (practically) unlimited SVN-repository for free. As manually committing changes is inconvenient, I decided to write a script that would do that for me.
Some similar approaches that I found while looking for something like it:RubyDrop is a Dropbox-Clone based on Ruby and git (so no SVN), and here’s a similar project for Linux (just syncing, no repository).

The result is SubversiveBox, a small console application that keeps track of your working copy and immediately submits changes. You can download a compiled version here. It needs the SVN command-line tools to work.

It’s very basic, but also very simple to use: Just launch it with

SubversiveBox path username [password]

and it will do the rest. Path is the path to your working copy, username and password are the credentials for your repository. Be careful though, it doesn’t support folder renaming and is still in a very early stage: it might easily get confused and scared and stop working (doing backups of your important files would probably be a good idea – as it always is). Also: It’s open-source, so you can easily fix bugs yourself (yay)!

Have fun!

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